I'm not sure why the whole Arab shenanigans kept on going on since the Crusades, but I think it's way too long ago to keep harping over it.


For decades the official policy of the most of their governments, printed for all to see was the destruction of Israel!

What are you talking about? Israel was under Muslim control for centuries, then colonial powers stepped in and eventually proclaimed that Israel was no longer under their sovereignty. There was no self-determination at all– wouldn't you be a bit angry if someone walked into your house with a gun and forced you to sign over the deed to your home to some third party? Of course you would! I respect the Israeli claim to the area, however, it cannot be denied that the creation of an Israeli state was based on sympathy from the world powers after the holocaust. That, however, is not justification for entitlement. Although they may have been in control millennia ago, there has to be a limit to how long a claim can continue to be valid without actively pursuing rectification of it. Both of these things have basis in US law-- "Coercion", "Theft" and the "Statute of Limitations".

All of this said, anti-Islamic sentiment is far from being relegated to a few sporadic cases. In 2009, over 1000 cases of discrimination of Muslim persons were reported to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (source: http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-201_162-615196.html). This is surely only a small subset of all such cases– I feel it is unlikely that most people report such things. I don't report small instances of discrimination against me for being gay, for instance. Simply because we don't burn Saudi flags in the street doesn't make it any less true. Especially after the 9/11/2001 attacks, and the resulting wars and threats towards various Islamic nations, many Americans have come to associate persons who look ethnically Arab as being Muslim, only making the matters worse.

We are looked at as the "bully" of the world, and we sort of are. We push our personal beliefs down on other nations, by force if needed, hardly heeding international law when doing so. We foment hate in other nations because of this, and then wonder why a few zealots attempt to retaliate against our aggressions.

I don't approve of the actions of many Islamic nations, but the US and Israel are far from being righteous in their discourse on the subject.