@hedgehog9 I only stumbled onto Dragula as Season 3 was concluding, so I watched the series from 3, then 1, 2, and finally the post-3 special, Resurrection, where Saint won a ticket back to the upcoming Season 4.

The show has come a long way from Season 1, where there was too much "filler talk" and a choppy editing approach that omitted a lot of the costume making, etc.

I thought Season 3 and Resurrection showed great progress in every aspect. And the prize money -- which began at $10K -- is $100K this time around, an indicator of its audience growth.

Season 3: While I think drag king Landon Cider was a stellar performer and deserving, s/he also had spent (in my eyes) the most money on wardrobe and prosthetics by far. It helps.

The Dragula guest judges have been one of the weaker points, but I'm guessing there will be more recognizable names this year. My favorite so far was Henry Rollins, I would like to see him getting busy with one of the femmes, lol.